Arranging for the Medical Transport of a Loved One

After undergoing a number of tests, the verdict is returned. A loved one needs to have a type of surgery that is not available at the local hospital. Fortunately, there is a medical facility a hundred miles away that has a surgeon on staff who is willing to perform the operation. The only thing left to do is arrange for long distance patient transport and get the loved one to that facility.

Keeping the Patient Comfortable

Opting for some sort of long distance ambulance service to make the trip is a smart move. While the patient is not yet in dire condition, sitting up in a car to make that hundred mile trek would be extremely tiring. There is also the need to monitor the condition of the patient during the transport. By choosing to hire an ambulance for the trip, it is also possible to have trained professionals on hand who will make sure the patient is comfortable and has all the help needed to stay that way.


Communicating with the Hospital

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Opting for professional medical transport also offers the benefit of being in contact with the receiving hospital. In the event the ambulance is delayed due to a traffic jam, it will be all the easier to contact the hospital and advise the staff of the delay. It will also be possible to let the staff know when the ambulance is going to arrive in the next ten to fifteen minutes. Thanks to the communication, it will be all the easier to quickly move the patient from the ambulance and into the room prepared for his or her stay.

Knowing the Loved One is in Good Hands

While the main focus of medical transport is the care and well-being of the patient, there is side benefit to family and friends. The fact that the trip is being made with professionals who will know exactly what to do if complications occur before the ambulance arrives at th destination will put everyone at ease. That makes it easier to focus on planning for the day of the surgery, and making provisions that will come in handy during the recuperation period.


Do not hesitate to arrange for medical transport when necessary. Doing so will ensure things go smoothly and that the loved one does get the help needed in a timely manner.

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